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February 24th, 2010

09:31 pm - Funny Casper
I was sick in the dining room today while mummy was eating her dinner. She didn't much appreciate it, I thought my timing was impeccable. I asked daddy to take a picture of it for my blog but he said no. So you'll just have to take my word for it...
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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February 23rd, 2010

08:29 pm - Wow it really has been a long time!
It has been over a year since my last mewsings. You know, the reason for this should be obvious - not much happens when you are confined to a house with only a ginger mad-thing for a companion. Days blur into weeks, weeks into months etc. I like it that way, change is scary and bad. Change makes me lick myself until my hair comes out, and sometimes I poo on the floor for good measure. It makes me feel better.

Things are changing around here. My dad has been at home for a couple of weeks putting smelly stuff on the walls and scratching posts, and has shut us in a lot so that Izzy can't help. Then some loud monkeys came and made a lot of bangs, and when they had finished the stairs had all new stuff on them. Its soft and spongey and much nicer than the last stuff that was down. Izzy likes pulling at it with her claws, I like rolling around on it. Izzy has been sick on it a few times already. I prefer being sick on the bed or on some nice clean washing myself.

And then there's mummy. I am worried about her because, there's no nice way of putting it, she's getting fat. She was really tired all the time, and spent ages in bed but now she is doing more things. Mostly eating. She seems really happy though so I suppose I shouldn't worry too much....

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February 15th, 2009

08:55 pm - Writer's Block: Dream Job
If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Quality Control/Taster at Whiskas Factory. Obviously.

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January 16th, 2009

09:35 pm - Oh Hai
Yes yes I know, its been ages. But I had to post today because today is a year since they took Minnie to the vets for the last time. I wouldn't know this (because cats don't know stuff like this), but my mum keeps going on about it and reminding everyone.

We all miss Minnie very much every day. If she was still here Izzy wouldn't be here which I sometimes think would be a good thing, but mostly think would be bad. But obviously I wish Minnie hadn't been poorly :(

Mummy is nagging Daddy to get the pictures off his camera so I can put them on my blog, but I wouldn't hold your breath, Hopefully I'll put some pics up soon though!


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November 12th, 2008

11:44 am - Pictures of us
Expect lots of nice pictures because they got a new camera! Here are some to be getting on with, they will get better with practice I think! I quite enjoyed the modelling, but not as much as show off Izzy...

This first one is a little blurry but mummy thought it was cute.

See, she encourages her!!

and I have saved the best for last


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November 2nd, 2008

09:10 pm - A beautiful poem from Casper
I don't like our new litter tray
Behind the bin and tucked away.
Its got a roof. I feel closed in,
And all the stinks get trapped within.

Although they clean it all the time
You just can't mix her wee with mine!
I refuse to use the tray if she
Has utilised it before me.

A basic feline right I say
To have a private litter tray,
And if this basic right is lost
There must also be some human cost

I've tried my best to give the hint,
I do my thing - then off I sprint!
But as my hints they do ignore
I choose to poo upon the floor.
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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October 15th, 2008

10:56 pm - I love my mummy and daddy but...
...I want to live here


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October 5th, 2008

03:22 pm - Jim
Daddy works from home every day now which is great because I am not outnumbered by girls all day. He sits opposite mummy and does typing, just like her only quicker. I wonder if he will do some of my typing for me? Mummy is rubbish and doesn't help me update my blog enough.

They have made a new friend called Jim and they say they are going to see Jim at least 3 times a week, sometimes maybe even before work. They take loads of stuff with them and come back wet like they have been in the rain. I don't mind if they have friends but I would prefer it if I could meet Jim to see what he is like and make sure he is nice and doesn't have a dog or anything unsavoury like that.

Yesterday mummy said I could go to see Jim with her but then at the last minute said she was only joking and that I wouldn't like it. This has made me worry about what kind of person Jim is. I'm going to keep a close eye on them, I hope they aren't falling in with the wrong crowd.

Izzy is recovering well from her operation and her hair is growing back a little bit, its all stubbly. If she worked hard like me she could stop it from growing back but she is too busy jumping around and attacking me to concern herself with personal styling.

Also, in very exciting news they got a new dishwasher and it doesn't fit in the hole (oops) so this opens up a whole new world to me and Izzy. The high kitchen window, until yesterday it was virgin territory but now (because the dishwasher is stuck in the middle of the kitchen!) we can jump up there and see all kinds of exciting things, like next doors flat roof. You may mock but when your entire universe is an end of terrace, its the little details that make all the difference.

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October 3rd, 2008

11:26 am - I am no longer an innocent
Last night my friend Dave rang up because he was worried about Izzy, he didn't know what had happened to her. That made 2 of us, so mummy sat me down and explained it to me and I said I would make a post about what I have learned.

Here is a drawing of a cat:

Its a boy cat so it doesn't really help, but I wanted a clever-looking picture so there you have it.

Anyway, Izzy had an operation called a spay and it means they remove things from her that would have made her go all funny and cause problems. The other bit of great news is that this means there won't ever be any baby Izzies, which is a relief to me as you can imagine. Also mummy said it might help to calm her down, I think she is kidding herself... I don't think she is sad or hurting, she looks funny but she acts totally normal (normal for her anyway).

Mummy said I had an operation when I was a baby too, and that they picked my pockets. I don't remember it at all, but I'm sure I was very brave. I didn't even know I had pockets, and I don't know what they stole from them either. There are so many mysteries in life.
Current Mood: blankblank

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October 2nd, 2008

05:35 pm - Oops
Sorry it has been so long since I posted, it has been very busy here with all kinds of things going on. They have been going out much more and when they are here mummy is usually running around doing things, unpacking things and repacking them. Or on the phone, or shouting or something.

Anyway, I begged mummy to make some time to do a post for me, and also my mummy's friend Dave has been missing my updates (thank you Dave) so she felt bad and so here we are.

Yesterday, something very strange happened. A few things in fact. The first strange thing was that mummy got out of bed at 7am, this is highly unusual. Then she took Izzy in a box and came back without her. Some hours later mummy went out and when she came back she had Izzy again, but she was different. She smelled really strongly of the scary place and worst of all she looked like this:


and she was really funny looking in the face, like mummy when she comes back late at night smelling of wine.

Now, I don't know what went on but what I do know is that I spend most of my waking hours trying to lick off as much of my own hair as possible, and it has taken me years to achieve a good bald patch on my tummy and legs. And she comes back after only a few hours with a nice big area, all hair free. I bet she thinks she's really clever.

Thing is, whatever she used to get the hair off hurt her so she's not that clever. Look at this its revolting!!


At least I get a smooth finish and don't cut myself up.

I do think its funny that she has dotty skin though.

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